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Downball (NEW)


$35.00 per participant


GRISS, Traralgon

Event Information

It's a popular activity for the kids during lunchtime so now it's time for the adults to relive a bit of their childhood and get downballing at VTG. There will be lots of games played and you are guaranteed a great time together.


Free parking available at the venue along with accessible changerooms and toilets. There is also a café on site.

Downball will be played on courts 5 & 6 at the venue.

For more information regarding the venue, click HERE

Dates & Times

Monday 23 September 2024

PM Session: 2pm-5:30pm

Team #

Minimum 3 /Maximum 5 players per team.



Session #

Maximum 16 teams per session.

Further Information
  • Each game will consist of two teams of 3-5 participants on the court.

  • A game of downball is split into two parts: 'free play' and 'elimination'. During the free play phase, the game proceeds as usual with rallies and when you get out, you join the back of the line until it's your turn to jump back in again. However, during the elimination phase, if you get out, you are eliminated for the game.

  • The score of each team is based on the order of elimination, with the first player eliminated receiving 1 point, the second player 2 points, and so on to the last player eliminated receiving 10 points. Each players' points from each team are combined to the determine the winning team.

  • Each court consists of six squares, and all remaining participants will be in the drop line.

  • Downball Australia's Old School Rules will be the official rules used for the event. These are attached below.

Old School Rules (3)
Download PDF • 878KB

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