Softball Australia's latest format of the game - Fully Loaded - allows all of your team members to be more involved in the game. 

With loaded bases whilst your batting, slower pitching, and everyone getting a shot at the batter's plate, this is a truly inclusive format of softball that anyone can take part in!

Available sessions

Tuesday 20 September

AM Session (9:30am-1:00pm)

PM Session

venue & Facilities

Stead Park

Free parking is available at Stead Park.

Toilets & changerooms 
will be accessible.

The venue has disability access and spectators are welcome.

The Geelong Softball Association will be opening its canteen on the day and you can view their menu here. 

Divisions & Team Specs

Mixed Teams

Minimum Team Members: 

Maximum Team Members: 10


$25 per person


See this here in September

Additional Info

Softball Fully Loaded will run a round robin format with finals to determine medal winners. 

Event Maximum

8 teams per session