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  • I've been to VTG before, is there anything new I need to know or remember?
    Welcome back! The registration portal has changed slightly so we recommend you write down your preferred events and session times before you start the process. And we are in a different location this year!! Apart from that, many things are still the same and your enjoyment at VTG is only going to increase from 2022!!
  • When & where is the Victorian Teachers' Games (VTG) in 2024?
    VTG will take place from Sunday 22 September to Wednesday 25 September in Latrobe City. The majority of events will be centred around the town of Traralgon with other events taking place in Morwell, Churchill, Moe and Glengarry.
  • An event I wanted to participate in at VTG isn't on the schedule in 2023 - why?
    The VTG program evolves year on year and great consideration is given to the design of the schedule and what is on offer throughout the event. Several factors contribute to this - including the willingness of our wonderful suppliers to run events, financial viability and ultimately, participant interest. We pride ourselves on keeping the schedule fresh so you can all try new things!
  • Who is eligible to attend the VTG?
    All Victorian teachers (gov & non-gov), staff employed by a Victorian school or School Council, casual relief teachers, DE corporate employees and retired teachers. For more details, check the eligibility policy! Furthermore, corporate employees of the DE may apply for participation in sporting events leave. For more information about leave entitlements, click here.
  • I'm new to VTG and would love to know more - where can I find all the information I need?
    We love newbies so you should be able to find all the information you need right here on our website. The main items to remember are: - Each participant pays a registration fee - Each event has its own fee which is separate from the registration fee - All registrations must be completed and paid for online through the registration portal - Make sure you read our policies to understand the event in more detail - VTG website contains all the information you require - You will have lots of fun at VTG!!
  • How much does VTG cost?
    That all depends on when you register and what you register for! Find out everything you need to know, including our early bird price freeze (30% discount!!) by clicking here!
  • What if I am unable to attend VTG to a positive COVID-19 result for myself or someone I care for?
    VTG’s Refund Policy permits refunds, including in instances of personal injury/illness, if the refund request is submitted no later than 11:59pm on Friday 18 August, 2023. Participants who determine they are unable to attend VTG for any reason after this date are not eligible for a refund, may be eligible to transfer their registration to another person. Participants can transfer their full registration to someone who has not registered to attend VTG in 2023, or they can transfer individual events to someone who is already participating in other VTG 2023 events. Requests to transfer registration to another person must be submitted via email to VTG no later than 5:00pm on the day prior to your scheduled event. Requests must include the following details of the person who the registration will be transferred to: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Phone Number: Date of Birth: Gender: Emergency Contact (Name, Phone Number): Note that VTG takes no responsibility for the exchanging of fees between event entrants who are successful with a transfer request (this is the sole responsibility of the participants involved in the transfer). Please view our Refund & Cancellation Policy for further clarification.
  • When do registrations open and close?
    Registrations open at 9am on Monday 5 June 2023 and will close at 11:59pm, Friday 18 August 2023. To see our registration fees and timelines, click here.
  • Can I find out if my preferred event still has spots available, or if it has sold out?
    If the event you are looking to register for is not available for selection when you are viewing the events page in the portal, then it is likely that it is sold out. Likewise, if you select an event and the preferred session time is not available to select, then it is likely that this session is full.
  • What will happen to my registration if one the events that I am registered for is cancelled by VTG?
    If an individual event is cancelled in-line with the VTG Rules & Regulations, and a participant is only registered for the cancelled event, subject to the Terms & Conditions, a full refund will be issued to eligible participants. If an individual event is cancelled in-line with the VTG Rules & Regulations, and a participant is registered for multiple events, subject to the Terms & Conditions, a refund will be issued to eligible participants relating to the cancelled event only.
  • I have registered but want to check something, update my details, add another event to my itinerary or buy merchandise. Can I do this?
    Yes! Visit the MYVTG portal. Once you log into your portal you will see this screen and be able to check all your registration information and history.
  • How do I register as an individual (register myself as an individual or find a team)?
    If you want to register as an individual or ask VTG to find you a team, this process is for you! Registering for an individual event is simple – select your event/session and follow the prompts! To ask VTG to find you a team to participate in, follow the steps below: - Follow steps 1, 2 & 3 in the registration platform to select/confirm your event session When you reach the event page, click ‘I’m not part of a team, please place me in a team’ Select ‘Competition/Event’, and we will endeavour to find you a team to play in!
  • Why can't I register / add extra events to my registration?
    Registrations for the 2023 Victorian Teachers' Games will close at 11.59pm on Friday 18 August 2023. You can join our Mailing List via the Homepage so you don't miss out in 2024!
  • How do I register as a team player (join an existing team)?
    Your 'team manager' will be able to invite you to join the team via the registration platform when they create the team, or they will be able to share the team code and/or name with you so that you can join the team manually (see below). If you are entering a pairs event, the process is similar. The first person to create the pair will be asked to invite their partner via the registration system, or alternatively, the second person will be able to search for their partners' name when registering for the event. If you want to register by joining an existing team that has been created by your team manager or have received an invite to join an existing team, this process is for you! To join a team, follow the steps below: Follow steps 1, 2 & 3 in the registration platform to select/confirm your event session When you reach the event page, click ‘Create or Join a Team’ Select ‘Join an existing team’, enter the Team Code, Team Name or Team Manager’s name for your team (see screenshot below), select your team and select your position as a player.
  • How do I register as a team manager (create a team, invite my colleagues and participate in a team)?
    For team events, your group will need to allocate a 'team manager' to enter the team into each competition. This 'team manager' will create the team, give it a unique name, and then invite each individual team member to join their team via the registration platform, or by notifying their teammates of the team code and/or name. If you want to create, manage and participate in a team, you can register as a team manager. Only a participating team manager can create a team - as such, participants can only register as the team manager if you are playing as a member of that team. To create a team, follow the steps below: - Follow steps 1, 2 & 3 in the registration platform to select/confirm your event session When you reach your selected event page, click ‘Create or Join a Team’ Select ‘Create a new team’, create a team code & team name and follow the prompts You can send invites to your team members via email address, who must register individually (see screenshot below) throughout the registration process. Alternatively, you can just tell your teammates what your team code or name is for them to look up when they register! Please note that team managers can now create multiple teams, and/or register and pay for team members on their behalf. However, we do encourage all teams to have their own team managers, and all VTG participants to register individually.
  • Can I just attend an event on the social schedule?
    Our rules and regulations state that participants must register and partake in at least one (1) event within the sporting or recreation & wellness programs to be eligible to partake in an event within the social program. If you're not the active type - that's okay - there is still plenty of light activities within the recreation & wellness schedule that you can get involved in.
  • How do I register?
    All VTG participants must register individually via the VTG website during the registration period. It also depends on whether you are a team manager, team member or you are an individual/looking for a team! See subsequent FAQ’s for more information.


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