When do registrations open?

7:00am, Monday 17 May 2021.

I’m new to VTG and would love to know more – where can I find all the information I need?

We love newbies – and we’ve designed a newbie info pack for you with everything you need to know about being a part of VTG.

I’ve been to VTG before, is there anything new I need to know or remember?

Welcome back. Check out our VTG Seasoner Information Pack for all the reminders you may need, and all the changes that you may need to know about.

How much does VTG cost?

That all depends on when you register and what you register for! Our tiered registration fees can be viewed here - the earlier you register, the cheaper it is! 
From there, each event you take part in has its own applicable fee – you can find these on each event’s page on the website.

Can I be confident VTG is going to happen given the ongoing impact of COVID-19?

We’re doing all we can to deliver the VTG in line with the latest health advice and in a COVID Safe manner.

In the unfortunate event the 2021 VTG is impacted due to COVID-19 or restrictions implemented by the Victorian government, a full refund will be granted to registered participants.

So, in short – we’ve got your back if you back us in.

An event I wanted to participate in at VTG25 hasn't been scheduled this year - why?

The VTG program evolves year on year and great consideration is given to the design of the schedule and what is on offer throughout the event. Several factors contribute to this – including the willingness of our wonderful local organisations to run the events, financial viability and ultimately, participant interest.
We pride ourselves on keeping the schedule fresh so you can all try new things!

When will the VTG25 themes be released?

Each year VTG themes it's days to give participants the chance to dress up and enjoy some fun whilst at The Games. This years' themes will be released in mid-June to allow ample time to organise your outfits!

I'm a DET corporate employee, how do I get time off to attend VTG? 

As per the current Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement, leave with pay up to a maximum of two weeks in any calendar year period may be granted to an Employee to participate as either a competitor or an official in any non-professional state, national or international sporting event. This applies to DET corporate staff when attending VTG.


You can apply for leave by completing this form, and ensuring you select ‘Sporting competition leave (paid)’. This form should be submitted along with your confirmation email of registration to your manager or appropriate delegate for approval. Once approved, it should be forwarded to . For more information, click here.


What timelines and registration fee apply to me in registering for the Victorian Teachers’ Games?

Registrations open at 7:00am on Monday, 17 May and strictly close at 11:59pm, Friday 20 August 2021.

Our new tiered registration pricing model can be seen here.


How does registration work? Does each teacher have to complete their own registration or can one person from each school manage all registrations?

You can register for VTG in various ways. Whichever way you are registering for VTG25, we strongly suggest putting aside 10-15 minutes of your time to ensure your registration is completed correctly. We’re a big multi-sport event – so our registration process takes some time!



If you want to manage multiple people’s registration, you can register as an individual, create/manage teams & send invites to your team members.

As a team manager, this requires you to participate in each event you register your team for. As such, participants should register as the team manager only if you are playing as a member of that team.
You can cover the payments of your team members by adding them as a team member throughout the registration process (just make sure they transfer you… but we’ll leave that in your hands). See below screenshot as to what this will look like. Please remember you will need their personal details.

Alternatively, you can invite them to join and those participants will register and pay as a team member – see screenshot below and Option B.

Note: in the past, team managers could register for and pay for multiple team members without participating in all teams. This is no longer possible – if you’re a team manager, you are simply managing the team’s registration whilst participating at the event itself.



If you are registering as an individual or have been invited by your team manager to join a team.


3. As someone looking for a team!

Are you looking for a team to join? If you wish to be assigned to a Team, please click 'Create or Join a Team' and you will have the option to select to be assigned to a Team if you do not have one. VTG staff will take care of the rest!



I just want to attend the social schedule and am not interested in any sporting, recreation or wellness activity.

You must register for at least one sporting, recreational or wellness event in order to be eligible to attend an event on the social program.

I’ve decided I want to swap events. Is this possible?

Please email the VTG team with your request and we will endeavour to assist. Please note this may not be possible in all circumstances due to availability.


I can’t come anymore. Can I get a refund or what are my options?

Please refer to the VTG Refund Policy, which outlines your options in the unfortunate event you can’t join us in Geelong. Please note terms and conditions apply.

Can I check to see how many tickets or vacancies are left in an event? (e.g. how many tickets are available for the 25th Anniversary Cocktail Ball, or how many team availabilities are open in the Mixed Netball?

Visit our real-time vacancies page!


How can I check my registration, log in to my account or update my details?

Log in to MYVTG!

The event I'm interested in attending seems to be sold out? How can I be notified if places open up?

Please submit your interest through our event waitlist form!