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$33.00 per participant


Latrobe Leisure Morwell

Event Information

You don’t quite get the full VTG experience unless you participate in Dodgeball!! Remember the 5 D’s of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.


Free parking available at the venue along with accessible changerooms and toilets. There is also a café on site. For more information about the venue, click HERE.

Dates & Times

Monday 23 September 2024

AM Session: 9:30am-1pm (Mixed) -

PM Session: 2pm-5:30pm (Mixed) -

Tuesday 24 September 2024

AM Session: 9:30am-1pm (Mixed)

PM Session: 2pm-5:30pm (Mixed) - Super Happy Fun Times Social Session

Wednesday 25 September 2024

PM Session: 2pm-5:30pm (Mixed)

Team #

Minimum 6 players /Maximum 10 players per team.



Session #

Maximum 9 teams per session.

Further Information

Super Happy Fun Times is a non-competitive session designed for teams who prefer a less intensive and more social version of Dodgeball.

Maximum of 4 males can only be on the court at any given time in the mixed division.

A round-robin competition with finals will decide placings and medal winners.

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